Talks for 2016/17

Jaymie Matthews, Monday Sept 26, Goldilocks and the Three Thousand Worlds:Searching for planets that are “just right”.

Gail Anderson, Wednesday Oct 12, Murder and Maggots: The Use of Forensic Entomology in Criminal Investigations.

Gareth Jones, Thursday Mar 9, Is Exercise the Medicine for Successful Aging?

Bruce Lanphear, Thursday Apr 6, Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxic Chemicals on the Developing Brain.

2 Responses to Talks for 2016/17

  1. Wendy McLeish says:

    I’m trying to purchase advance tickets for the Jaymie Matthews lecture. I am telephoning (250) 545-3644. It comes up sounding like a fax number.

    Wendy McLeish

    • cdoige says:

      Hi Wendy – the phone number is for the Okanagan Science Centre. I think the problems is that they are open only from Tuesday to Saturday. I suggest you try calling back during the days they are open.

      Please feel free to contact again if this does not work.



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